How To Download SoundCloud Songs To iPhone For Free

How To Download SoundCloud Songs To iPhone For Free

Every time I googled the question, the only answers that would come up are ones where you need to download this app or this certain software to be able to download SoundCloud songs to your iPhone for free. I didn’t want the hassle of downloading apps from the beginning, so I began to wonder how to download these songs onto your iPhone. I wanted to simply listen to SoundCloud songs offline for free. After some trial and error, here’s what I found.

In Summary

So, how do you download SoundCloud songs to your iPhone for free? Using MusicVerter, copy and paste the SoundCloud link of the track and click download. The SoundCloud downloader will automatically convert the track into mp3 and download it to your system. Find the MP3 file and open it up. Once you play it, it will be automatically saved to your Apple Music library account which can then be played on your iPhone. For Spotify, there is just one more step. Click the article to learn more.

How Downloading SoundCloud Songs To iPhone Works

To be quite honest, I stumbled upon this way of downloading songs to my iPhone by accident. After I figured out how to download the song, track or playlist, I didn’t know where to take it from there. 

So, just out of curiosity, I opened the file that I just converted to mp3 and while it was playing I realized that the only software I had capable of playing the audio was Apple Music. From that moment on, I realized by downloading the song and simply opening it, it was saved to my Apple Music Library, therefore it would be saved on my iPhone as well.

I have not tried this method using a windows computer and am not sure how it would work. But if you own any sort of Apple laptop or computer and also an iPhone, there shouldn’t be a problem.

How To Download SoundCloud Songs To Spotify

When downloading SoundCloud songs to Spotify, the steps are pretty simple.

  1. Go to SoundCloud and copy to link of the song you want to download
  2. Go to MusicVerter and paste the link in the bar and click 'download'
  3. Open up the desktop application of Spotify and go to Settings
  4. Scroll down and turn on 'Local Files'
  5. Go to your Library and select Local Files
  6. Find the song you just downloaded using MusicVerter and click on the three dots to the right of it
  7. Select 'Add To Playlist' and add the song to whatever playlist you'd like

After that, the song will save to your playlist and then you'll have access to it on your Spotify account.


It's pretty easy to be able to download SoundCloud songs to either your Apple Music or Spotify account. If you want to watch a video, check the one out below.

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